About Us

Hobbies are an important part of our lives – our mission is to help others learn a new hobby.

New Hobby Box started its journey as a subscription service in 2015. Owned and operated by a husband and wife duo, it grew to 1000+ subscribers per month and released a new hobby monthly to its subscribers for 5 years.

new hobby box founders

When the decision to end the subscription service in 2020 was made, Kylie and Steve kept their love for trying new things alive and continued to seek out new hobbies.

Their love for learning something new has never stopped – and they’re sure that yours hasn’t either. Which is why they’ve relaunched the original New Hobby Box how-to guides, but with a twist. 

While many of the original posts how-to instructions are still in tact, they’ve focused on making each tutorial the only place you need to discover a new hobby. You’ll find products, kits, and supplies to make each hobby. New content has been added to each article, giving a broader view of the subject matter, like history, or product variations, multiple kits to try, uses, etc.

New hobbies will continue to be added to the mix as well, PLUS product reviews, gift guides, and other hobby related articles. 

New Hobby Box is thrilled that this new chapter could inspire YOU to go out and try something new once again, and hopefully discover your next passion.

Happy Hobbying, Ya’ll. 

~ the new, New Hobby Box