How to Make Candles at Home: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Items Needed for Candle Making



Soy Wax

Color Blocks

Glass Jars

Clothes Pin

– Paper Mold

If you want to go with a kit that has everything you’ll need to make candles, the SoftOwl Candle Making Kit is one of the highest quality options available, and is a great value. It fits this tutorial well, and comes in a wide variety of dyes and scents (7 total). And just like the tutorial, it’s soy based wax.

Most of these ingredients probably make sense, but we’d like to go ahead and make the proper introduction for each.

Wicks: These will be added to your melted wax in order to burn your candle!

Fragrances: Upon opening your box, these are most likely hitting you in the face. Don’t worry, as staunchy as they may smell mixed together, individually they smell great. Your scents include, Lavender Vanilla, Citronella, and Coffee Cake!

Soy Wax: Boy oh boy do you have wax. Here you have approx. 2lbs.

Color Blocks: These are for dying your candles. Your kit contains the primary colors of blue, red, and yellow. With these you can additionally make shades of green, purple, and orange!

Glass Jars: These vessels are for your candles! But as you dive further into the world of candle making, look around… everything can be a vessel such as cups, bowls, old candle jars, old sauce jars, etc. etc.

Clothes Pin: This is helpful when positioning the candle’s wick.

Paper Mold: For one time use to make a pillar candle.

Candle Making Step 1:

Construct a double broiler. You will need 2 pots for this- one to fill with water & one to sit in the water. The third vessel (black) will be used to hold the wax to be melted.

Step 2:

Melt wax.

Step 3:

Add color (if desired). When using, it’s important to note less is more. You can always add more color to your wax, but you can’t take it away.

Step 4:

Add fragrance. After wax is completely melted down, transfer to desired vessel and add the desired amount of fragrance.

Step 5:

Position wick. The clothes pin makes this very easy. When not using a clothes pin, you can simply wrap the wick to hold in place like so:

Step 6:

Allow time for wax to set. This is a great time to have a looksie at your wicks and make sure they are still positioned correctly.

Step 7:

Cut wick and enjoy!

Step 8 (if using mold):

Tear off mold…. and enjoy!

Taking your hobby further…

As you may have guessed, there are people out there doing all kinds of interesting things in the world of candlemaking such as ice molds, photo transfers, carving, and layering. Here are a few DIY videos for your viewing pleasure OR perhaps just in case you’re feeling up for a challenge. 🙂😉


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One last thing… DYK that a candlemaker or person that sells candles is referred to as a “Chandler”?


Yep, it’s true!


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