The Ultimate Wire Wrapping Tutorial for Beginners

First things first, I’d like to point out that wire wrapping is not jewelry making.

The biggest misconception is that wire wrapping is jewelry making… and sorry to say, it’s wrapping wire.

Cool things you find like shells, wood, stones, sea glass, etc. can now be shown off… by wrapping it in wire! Honestly, it’s hard. It takes dedication and planning. However, I’m here to tell you, you can do it.

Wire wrapping is also making cool sculptures and figurines. (Like below)

But as a wire wrapping novice, you should start off by learning how to wrap objects and then move on to sculptures.

We’ve sent you some pretty cool objects to start off with, you’ll notice that your gemstones are different shapes and sizes so obviously, what you make will be one of a kind.

So instead of us teaching you specifically what to make, we’d like to show you some techniques for you to try in hopes that you will then go wild and try out these and many more techniques!

Guess what, some of your projects won’t be pretty. But hey, I bet the first time you parallel parked wasn’t so pretty either. (Luckily in this case instead of you paying for damages, you can simply unwrap your wire.)

Items Needed for Wire Wrapping:

  1. One of a kind gemstones (various sizes, colors and shapes)
  2. 9 yards of wire (3 x 3 yds)
  3. Chain nose pliers
  4. Round nose pliers
  5. Wire cutters
  6. Tweezers
  7. Snips
  8. Bead scoop
  9. 6 modular/stackable drawers

Sometimes you just want everything all at once. So if you’re looking for a kit that has it all, just like the kits that wire wrapping kit that New Hobby Box made and sold, check out this wire wrapping kit from Audab. It includes nearly everything in the tutorial (if you want gem stones grab them from the list above); pliers, wire, tweezers, etc. It’s the whole thing plus a great price.

Let’s start with the chain nose pliers.

The chain nose pliers are super versatile and will allow you to bend and un-bend your wire. When making pendants, this is the best tool to make a headpin or an eye pin (the loop that connects your pendant to a necklace, keychain, bracelet etc. Why? Chain nose pliers have a flat inner side that is great for gripping the wire. You will also notice that it is smooth, so you are able to grip without scratching or denting your wire!

Next up (my favorite) round nose pliers.

The round nose pliers are the exact opposite from chain nose pliers when it comes to gripping. But what they lack in the gripping department, they make up for with their ability to make uniform loops and bends.

On to the wire cutters.

Pretty self explanatory… They are great for cutting wire!

In the following video I will demonstrate a few basic wrapping techniques and a few “starter projects”. This video is not a step by step guide- it is to show you what your NHB is capable of making! The best way to learn this skill is to put time into trying and re-trying.

  1. Pendant: (0:34)
  2. Ring: (1:49)
  3. Critter (2:46)
  4. Typography (4:50)

Here is a nice simple tutorial on how to wrap an arrowhead. If you you’re still wondering what project you should start off with…. This is great for beginners!

If you are not on Pinterest, I would take the plunge and sign up. By simply searching “Wire Wrapping” you will find tutorial after tutorial and LOADS of inspiration. Check out our Wire Wrapping board where we have pinned some really great wire wrapping articles, photos and guides!

New Hobby Box on Crinkle Paper

Please show us some of your creations (we’d love to see) and if you have any tips for fellow hobbyists about wire wrapping, you can help them out in the comments below!

Happy hobbying,

Your friends @NewHobbyBox 🙂


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